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  • Girth Routine

    So today I had an idea. I went through my routine- stretch- jelq- pumping session for 20 mins then I usually warm down with hot towel or water. But today after pumping, I decided to incorporate some squeezes. And oh boy did my girth expand. Right after I pumped, I used that ďpost pumpĒ for squeezes, while showering over very warm, somewhat hot water. I did 4 sets it 35 seconds, not very hard squeezes and my girth really exploded. I would just say be careful and donít squeeze too hard. Iím going to continue this and see how it goes. Has anyone tried this?

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    I am doing the same thing! Just started and yes the expansion is amazing. I'd like to see how you are growing if any with this routine


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      On my second day, cut down about 5 minutes on my pumping session to about 20 mins and actually got a bit more expansion. Iíll keep it up and see how it goes.