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Do you think Jelqing is worth my time (more info inside)

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  • Do you think Jelqing is worth my time (more info inside)

    I've suffered massive self esteem issues and mental problems because of my penis size, I've been obese since around age 13-14 (around the time I started puberty I got there late) so I've never seen my penis when it wasn't tiny (NBP at least) and it fucked me up a long time

    After doing a bunch of research I've come to find out that STATISTICALLY my penis is above average (6.5 bone pressed not too much more than average but beats being small I guess) but I'm still really fat (like 60lbs overweight after already losing 50)

    The main reason I considered PE is because I wanted my NBP to be bigger while I waited for the fat shrink around my penis (I still have 2 inches of fat there, my NBP is 4.5 inches)

    I've never wanted a big penis just something I wouldn't be laughed at or rejected for, since my bone pressed size seems fine, do you feel I should do a PE routine to improve my NBP size until I can lose the pubic fat because apparently it's one of the last spots you lose fat or just stick to working out and dieting best I can to try to just get the size that's already there

    Plus always the chance my penis could still grow more, I'm 20 right now and in the last 8 months or so my penis has grown half an inch, I'm guessing because I started puberty later I'll finish it later

    I'd appreciate your thoughts on what I should do and apologies if this is the wrong section wasn't sure if it belonged in here or the beginner forum so I just winged it
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    First of all congratulations on losing so much weight. You should continue your efforts to lose more.
    JelQ is the best manual exercise for flaccid length and girth and also erect girth.(Some are reporting erect length too)
    It will also help on your EQ and in the general health of your unit.
    So there are no disadvantages ... only advantages.

    You should start slow and add time and tension to your grip.Only by this way you will take advantage of the effects of Jelq and prevent injuries.