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  • Input on newly implemented routine

    I bought a journal because I'm horrible at the whole digital log thing despite being a die hard millennial, but I'll update my log in time.

    I've grown well over an inch in length since starting in December 17. Added the bathmate in March. I'm roughly 5.5 to 5.75 BPEL, started at roughly 4-4.25. Girth was at 4, now it's between 4.25 and 4.5, granted I pump so often it's hard to tell (ha, hard). I began my PE practice with JP90.


    Journal has been helpful in accountability. Here's the routine I've basically kickstarted over the past two weeks. Should add I'm not a fan of jelquing, though I'm not against it. Just don't really enjoy it... I'm literally sweating during the session.

    5-6 days a week: warmup in shower with 50 to 100 pulls.

    For pulls, I grasp behind the head, pull straight out, and go thigh to thigh (learned from a brief read of the jelq-free routine) at about 1.5 seconds each pull (one full pull is to one side and back). Sometimes I'll do 30 second holds in an upright, down, left and right position followed by 10 circular pulls and a few helicopters each time.

    After the pulls I'll put on the bathmate for about 10 minutes, usually entering at 40 to 50%, which I've been doing about a month, but decided it was time to up my time, so I'm targeting 12 to 15 minutes. Initially (since March) I was simply counting to 60 about 4 times and timed myself to learn I was doing about 6 minutes.

    After the pumping session, I'll do a 5 minute clamping session (or two sets of 3 minutes depending on response; just now learning this practice) while edging/kegling, and 5 x 30 second ULIs with about 1 minute between each one. Throughout this process I'm edging, and usually go for 20 minutes. I've also made it a practice to not ejaculate but once every 3 to 7 days.

    This is a 5 to 6 day evening routine. In the morning I typically do 50 pulls and slight helicopters. For awhile I was pumping about 5 minutes each morning but haven't in a few weeks do to late morning starts. Occasionally I'll edge for 10 minutes in the morning.

    /end routine section

    I'm trying to avoid measuring at all costs to avoid becoming micro-focused on measuring. I'd like to simply wait till August 1st in hopes I'll have made swell gains.

    I think I'm going to add Tunica Tugs every other morning. When I clamp, I only do two days in a row max, never three.

    Good track? Yay/nay? I had a massive peak that staved off in early May, so I figured I needed to switch up my routine. I really want to target getting a solid 5" girth. Length would be amazing to hit 6.5" by the end of the year, but I'll feel accomplished if I hit 6. In the tube I've noticed a few times the past few weeks I'm needling closer to 6.25" length. Swelling doesn't seem to be too big of a problem. But length in the tube isn't a true erect length.

    My biggest question for pumping is whether I should stretch before or after? It freaks me out the odd indentations that occur from the naturally swollen skin from fluid buildup immediately after pumping. The only times I truly donut is if I don't follow my bathmate routine with jelqs or edging and go over 15 minutes, or maintain max pressure to long. I typically increase the pressure gradually till about 5 minutes in then max it out. With the addition of time this week, I drop pressure halfway through for a minute then go straight to max till the end of the session.