I have increased my girth from 4.6" to 4.9"(not clamped) in the span of 5 days! I'm not sure how this is possible, but I'm pretty sure in my previous measurments because I measured so many times 4.6" girth. I was doing ulis(hand clamping) from monday to friday, so only 5 days for +0.3".I measured yesterday and today several times and I'm constantly 4.9" in MSEG.I haven't done any hard workout with ulils, maybe 5 - 7 mins, but I have noticed a lot of very small red dots all over my shaft.

Just to be clear when I started my PE journey I went from 4.6" to 4.8", but when I stopped JP90 girth went back to 4.6". It was 23 months ago.

Also I'm doing extending, so far 300+ hours, maybe that had effect on my girth, but it's not logic