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New to manual stretch some questions :)

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  • New to manual stretch some questions :)

    Its my first week doing manual stretching with tight silicon sleeves im not circumsiced , i want to know if the downgrade of my EQ its normal , basically what i do is masturbation with a medium size sleeve but its not actual masturbation its like a slow motion fap like a massage is this reaching the tunica or im just growing skin with this , i want to workout with silicon sleeves i can feel the stress , the first 4 days were great in terms of EQ but now it went down , i want someone to explain me the relation between EQ and lenght gains , bye.


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    Your EQ is lowered if you gain in length or girth sometimes. Unless you have measured a gain, it's safe to assume you are over working your penis with your experiments. If you are masturbating like you say, chances are you are finishing afterwards, otherwise its just edging. If you do finish afterwards, your EQ will be lower from ejaculation. Your EQ should never be getting worse, it should always get better. Even when I grew, my EQ was still decent.


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      Today i woke up with a long period of morning wood , so i think its working , also i dont think i have a EQ issue its just that i fap like everyday i can get erect just i cant feel horney sometimes