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  • Question About Curves from New Member

    Hello brothers,

    Heard about PE about 2 months ago and have been browsing the site for about a month. After much consideration, decided to give PE a go and will be starting JP90 as of tonight. I'm only 5 3/4 inches erect (5 7/8 max) but I'm not looking to get an anaconda, in fact I have no interest whatsoever. Just looking to top off at 7 inches, maybe 7.5 max, but what i would really like is more girth. Just had a quick concern before I created a beginning PE post.

    I've seen some on these forums worrying about their penis curve and trying to get rid of it and straighten out the penis. I also have a substantial curve upward (not enough for worry) but I actually like my curve. It used to bother me but over the years I've grown to like it. I feel like it makes my penis look somewhat more unique, feels great for oral and I've found its wonderful for friction on the g spot and hitting places where i just wouldn't be able to hit if it were straight. Also gives the false impression that I'm bigger (more girth) than I am because of the way it takes up pussy real estate. So to the question...

    If I begin PE, will my penis straighten out? Is there anyway to prevent it? I really don't want to see my curve gone.

    I'm sure there are other posts I can find on this topic so call this a bonus question but while I'm here, any routine/techniques to boost girth specifically?

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    There are exercises to help straighten out a curve but they take a lot of focus, dedication and time to work. If you are looking to keep your curve then it shouldn't be much of a problem. If you are going to start off with the JP90 then do your jelqing lightly along with your curve and that should help compensate wit the minimal effects of the stretching on your curve.
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