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Should I overtrain on purpose?

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  • Should I overtrain on purpose?

    Last month I kinda overtrained (couldnt get an erection, dick was sore etc). Despite the overtraining I made amazing gains.I took a week off, added more days off to my routine and now Im 2 weeks into the second month without any further gains. I know that the fast gains I got are making me really impatient but should I try to overtrain on purpose to try to get similar gains I got the first month or just keep going with current routine?


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    Overtraining will just squander your easy newbie gains that await your.

    Someone once said, "it's like pushing a balloon with a needle, push just enough and the balloon will move, push too hard and it'll pop."

    Find that sweet spot and stick with it.


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      Read up on what you are doing. Overtraining will lead to injury and not something that we are liable for. There is sufficient documentation on technique to prevent this from happening. If you want to read what happens when people do not follow proven methods, read the anomolies and injuries subforum. It should open your eyes.

      This is not like body building where more is better. This is about sustained, regulated exercises over time with sufficient break days to allow for healing. Go gang busters at your own risk. Read more about what we do around here under the START HERE button located above in the main forums or in the stickies in the beginner forums if on a mobile device. Understand what you are doing before moving forward. Ask questions and be safe. We want to here your story in the success forums, not the injury forum.
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        IMO, the only time it's OK to overtrain is towards the end of the cycle, and even then, we're talking about just a slight amount- just enough to get you on the other side of the "peak" in conditioning which occurs at the end of a good training cycle.

        This will ensure you leave the cycle off on a high note, and can encourage rebound gains after a post-cycle layoff.
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