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Angion Method Effect on Vascularity and EQ

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  • Angion Method Effect on Vascularity and EQ

    I have read about the Angion method and what results people have been experiencing, and it seems to me that it’s mostly EQ gains and more/bigger veins.

    Although I don’t really see the Angion method as a viable way to increase size, the EQ and vascularity improvements are enough, in my opinion, to make it worth looking into.

    As such, I was hoping to gather a bit more information about people’s results with the Angion method in this regard - hopefully this will give people a clearer idea of what they can expect from this method.

    Guys who tried this, could you please answer the following questions?

    1. How long have you been doing the Angion method?

    2. What exercises from the Angion method have you been doing?

    3. How would you rate your EQ before doing the Angion method, on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is almost flaccid and 10 is rock hard?

    4. On the same scale, how would you rate your EQ now?

    5. Have you experienced any gains in vascularity (new/bigger veins)? If no, ignore the next section.

    For the purpose of the next 6 questions, let’s refer to veins that are prominent and large, like arm veins for instance, as “big veins”, and to veins that are thinner, flat, and red-purple-ish as “small veins”.

    6. How vascular was your penis before doing the Angion method, on a scale from 1-10, where 1 is smooth with no visible veins, and 10 is covered in big veins, e.g. 7+ big veins that run along the entire shaft (for reference, I’d say this is an 8.5-9:

    7. On the same scale, how vascular are you now?

    8. Have you gained any new small veins?

    9. Have any small veins become larger/prominent/branched out, or turned to big veins?

    10. Have you gained any new big veins?

    11. Have any big veins become larger/more prominent/branched out?

    This is just off the top of my head, so it may be sloppy and missing some key points for an effective comparison, but hopefully it will be a starting point for gaining a better understanding of what the Angion method can do regarding EQ and vascularity, since these appear to be the areas it works best in.

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