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Grip slip uncut 18 years old

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  • Grip slip uncut 18 years old

    I figured since you guys are experienced Pe veterans I might ask you a question. Im 18 years old and already did the whole jp90s a suggested by other veterans. I gained about 0.5 cm in NBPEL but i figured it was all from eq gains. Everytime I stretch I feel like I cannot get a good enough grip. I'm uncut 19 CM Nbpel. I try to have the foreskin over the head so that the anchor gets bigger still the grip slips or it hurts if i keep going. I've read that you should push the skin back with one hand but I simply do not see how it would make things easier as the grip slips even more. I've tried with a paper cltoh too didnt work either. If I do the side stretches i feel a pinching sensation which i know is the skin stretching not the deep stretch you can once get from the downward stretch. What should i do? By the way is pegym safe for an 18 year old? I just want to increase it abit more.
    Thanks for taking the time to reply!
    3aug 2018

    EBPL 8.26 inches
    Erect length 7.48 inches
    Erect girth 5.1 inches