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Can't maintain erection while standing?

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  • Can't maintain erection while standing?

    I tried doing something different with my edging session today. I tried doing it standing. It was extremely hard to maintain an erection. I was doing strokes mimicking sex with my hand and trying to last longer. I'm going to keep doing my edging while standing to get better at lasting longer. It's funny, I feel I have more control during sex than when I edge with myself. I had a habit of edging and doing my PE while sitting down. Whenever I get erect sitting, then stand up, I immediately start to lose my erections.
    Is it that I trained my body to get and stay erect while sitting? Is it possible to get my EQ better while standing?

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    Hmm yes i believe so.


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      I'll start doing my routine standing along with kegels standing. I'll continue to do my edging sitting since I'm aiming for some expansion and better EQ. I'll have another edging session standing up later. I'm also going to increase my kegels to get them stronger.