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1 year no gains

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  • 1 year no gains

    I've been a long time follower on the forums here and been pe'ing for 1 year now. Started with JP90 then slowly added tunica stretches and v stretches. Holding each stretch for 2 minutes. Jelq for 20-25 minutes. PI's have always been good. Starting to think I have 3 layers on the tunica and it's just not possible for any gains.

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    If you've done JP90 and jelq for about a half hour a minimum of 3 times a week you should be conditioned enough to begin advanced excercises.

    Didnt notice you mention a warm up, heat is probably the most important aspect of preparing the tissue for stretching and expansion.

    Feel free to give a more detailed breakdown of your routine, size stats, and everything down to your stretch tension and duration, jelqing EQ% and Pressure, wet jelq or dry, etc.
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      That is just a theory about tunica and hard gainers.

      Anyway, 1 year is a long time.
      Have you tried to increase intensity? Stretch further or jelq a bit harder and slower?
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