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Dry Jelq; Canít believe how it is!!

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  • Dry Jelq; Canít believe how it is!!

    Well team,

    All I can say it Pays to experiment. I have been struggling to find time to do wet jelqncos the inconvenience of lubing up and cleaning up. I am now loving the convenience of being able to do dry jelqs. I no longer have to worry about the hassle of cleaning up and getting greasy fingers from wet jelqs after discovering Dry Jelq. I can simply whack a quick 100 reps before I going to bed and now I am experiencing ultra strong Erections in the middle of the night. (You know the types that makes your cock feel like itís almost exploding type). Have yet to see any gain, as I am only on my first week. But I am positive about the benefit in a few month time and hopefully it is what is needed to break my plateau that has been weighing me down for the past 18months!! Lets get growing!!
    PE Journey:
    BPEL: (14-12):5.75 (15-01):5.9; 1 Yr off. (16-07): 6.3 (16-08): 6.40 (16-09): 6.5
    MEG: (14-12):4.60 (15-11): 4.75 (16-07): 4.80 (17-01): 4.87
    Ultimate Goal
    BPEL: 7.00
    MEG: 5.00

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      Just be careful, as they are indeed more dangerous
      Start Sept '18 BPEL 6.0. NBPEL 5.75 GIR 4.75 BPFSL 6.25
      Current Mar '19: BPEL 7.0 NBPEL 6.50 GIR 5.0 BPFSL 7.25
      1" BPEL in 6 months album