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People are way too paranoid when it comes to heat and testicles. You balls can take some heat. Just dont put a laptop over your balls for 3 hours +. Take a warm shower or warm bath, you will NOT become sterile, I guarantee it.

Putting cold water on my penis is, in my opinion, a really crappy means of making yourself heal. The penis is very sensitive to temperature. Put cold on your dick, it'll turtle up. Turtling up sucks, in my opinion.

Heat will give you that nice, plump flaccid hang.

Dont make big claims like "Warm up is possibly VERY DANGEROUS"...thats just bullcrap. We have proof that heat is BENEFICIAL for your dick. Not the other way around.
the title needs to be bold in order to catch attention. therefore people will look at it and read it this is relevent and very much associated with pe