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One year of PE, ideas for new/modified routine?

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  • One year of PE, ideas for new/modified routine?

    Just hit one year mark. I didn't see much in gains for the first 6-7 months. Checking pics, somewhere in the last 6 months I've gotten .25-.5 inch BPEL, with nothing really measurable in girth.

    The current routine:

    JP90 stretches every other day.
    50-100 jelqs every other day.
    Pumping 10-15 minutes every 2 days.
    I edge after almost every jelq/pump session.
    And I use a JES extender everyday for an average of 3-4 hours. I've logged just over 300 hours since September.

    But I think I've plateau'd since then; cant really tell any gains since Oct/Nov. My EQ remains good to really good and my durability is strong, just no gains. Admittedly, it may seem less than consistent than some other routines, but I've been trying to find to balance between too much and too little with no real clarity on where I made my gains. I also have a pretty consistent sex life, so I try to be conservative in not over'training and messing things up. I do know that for like my first three months I didn't take a day off and saw just a little higher EQ, nothing beyond that.

    Looking at other PEers' logged gains and time computations, comparatively, I feel like I'm a slow gainer. Surely, somebody has a similar experience? Any recommendations/comments/critiques on how I can improve? Thanks for any input.

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    11 months with extending(650h) ,jelqing and some edging and a some manual stretches.
    0,5cm BPEL and 1cm EG. My flaccid is longer and thicker when I m not overtraining.

    The 300h of extending is very little... you have to do at least 600h and if no gains then stop extending and start something else.


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      i gained 2 inches in length in 4 yours ish...with hard work