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    Hi guys. I’d really appreciate if u can help me
    I have bathmath hydoextreme 7 wide body
    My penis is only 14cm and thin 5 or 6cm of grith (not sure) i’ve been using the pump for almost 1 month and no results at all!!! Bathmax Website its written I can see result first weeks.

    I dont know if I’m doing something wrong or because I bought the wide version. Because the normal hydroextreme 7 was uncomfortably because my pennis gets bigger when I do the exercise and gets very tight in the pump thats why I chose the wide version.

    And how I do the exercises:
    I pump maximum that I can. Start counting 5min. Release. Fill the pump again for more 5min realise and 5 min and then more 5min in total of 15min

    5min x break 30sec
    5min x break 30sec
    5min x finish

    i do 6x per week

    an u please me tell me what is wron?
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    Girth is the circumference of the penis. I doubt it's 5 or 6 cm if you are filling the Hydromax7. Wide boy is for guys that are like 7 inch girth and upwards.
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      Yeah, like with most products what the producers advertise isn't always what happens
      1 months is in most cases not enough to get gains.
      Could take months or more until you see results.

      You should have some temporary expansion though?
      IMO the bathmate is a great tool if used in conjunction with other PE exercises.
      25cm! Let's go!


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        I know but the normal version was tight evenn though my peenis is small.

        do U think it could affect the gains?


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          Add jelqing to your mix.

          Do you see any temporary gains after using it?
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            Think what most people say is once the penis hits the sides all that is left is length gains. Your instinct is probably correct and you should go back to the other one. I do not own a bathmate and only have been doing research.
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            Long term goal: BPEL 8.0 inches or so. MEG 6 inches.
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              Yeah you need to do other PE.
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                2-3 days of REST every week. Then you will see results.


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                  I see temporary gains, ir gets thicker. About 4h later gets normal.


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                    Have you checked the devices forum? From what I see pretty much all the gainers compliment the bathmate with PE exercises.


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                      What does the rest of your routine look like? Some people need more than just the bathmate. Type in bathmate to the search and it should give you threads directly related to it with the same issues
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