Hello hello,

Well, the title says it all...

I had no fortune in lengthening my shaft, despite 2.5 years of relentless efforts. I may have the dreaded steel chord, even if mine is not on the dorsal side but on the left. Yet I can't feel or isolate the chord itself.

Basically the left side is thougher, stretches less, inflates less, it's always taut and does not cooperate at all. As result, my erection curves to the left and does not bend to the right even when forced too.

So, after all my efforts i decided to ditch the stretches and focus on jelqs and pump.

However, I was thinking that, even without effective lengthening, loosen up this recalcitrant side would be just good.

So, without meddling with expensive and rather experimental ultrasonic or shockwave instruments, a simpler handheld electric massager could help.
Like, warm-up, gently stretch and massage the taut side with the device for 10-20 minutes...

So, do any of you guys tried something like that? Any product to endorse?