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Why should i listen to studies or you, when i've saw it with my own eyes for all those years? Of course it depends of countries, but ours it pointed as those with small dicks. But they are not that small, belive me. Studies are wrong as fuck. There are alot of other studies that says that averge is 6 inches. So, go belive what you want. I'm telling from my point, that averge is 6 inches. That's about seeing like 400-500 naked men. And like 100 homemade porns. I'm the only one that need to go seme-erect, so i wouldn't look like 10 years old there in the bath. And most of those guys are with amazing girth. Let's just hate god for our small tools, and pray that PE may work actually to some of us, cuz to me, for 2 years, it's like nothing.
You seem to have head issues that has distorted your perception etc . A therapist may help.