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The ultimate art of manual stretching.

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  • The ultimate art of manual stretching.

    There are a lot of members that are getting injured from manual stretching and even if they don t , they are having bad PIS after their manual stretching.
    These bad PIS are low erection and turtling.
    It’s a sad thing when you are doing PE and instead of having bigger flaccid and strong erections… you have the opposite.

    I have found out a way that is eliminating everything bad from manual stretching.


    The classic warming up with warmth is not working for me.
    No matter how much I would warm up , when I was starting stretching with a good intensity, I would always feel little sharp pains and my penis was not being stretched far enough.

    The best and only way to warm up for real before doing the manual stretching is to use an extender for 1h.
    30mins UP and 30mins down with a force of 1200grams is the least time you need.
    After this the penis is very stretchy and the tissues are already surrendered and you have created the perfect environment for manual stretching.
    You will feel no pain and no uncomfortable feeling on the shaft.


    In the end of the manual stretching session many of us are having penis retraction (turtling). This is very bad for our psychology but it is also bad for the gains.
    You can t have great gains if not at all with a post turtled penis that may stay like this until your next session.
    This is being eliminated by using your extender again for 2h with a force of 500grams.
    Why 2h and not less? Because this is the least of time that my penis needs in order to come out of the extender and stay long and thick all day long until my next manual session.

    If you are also doing Jelqing after your manual stretching then you have to do it after the 2h of extending.
    Keep also in mind that the strap extenders are creating bigger glans when you are balloning your glans before strapping in.

    These are my findings after a lot of trials and errors.