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Can I reverse fibrous thickening and regain my size

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  • Can I reverse fibrous thickening and regain my size

    So Iíve had my ultrasound yesterday, got my hormones done as well.

    Hormones are fine, I personally will like to increase my testosterone levels into the higher ranges.

    Ultrasound is pending results, however while scanning he told me outright that I have obvious fibrous thickening over the shaft. Itís not an isolated spot, but spread over. Itís mild to moderate me says. Apparently difficult to treat!

    I can get hard but itís not hard like I used to be. I mean, I can be really turned on and at my hardest Iím still quite bendable and a itís lacking fullness etc. Iíve lost girth and length over the years, perhaps due to the fibrosis?

    Anyone know what can be done to prevent its progression and how to restore the elasticity? I think if I can reverse the fibrosis Iíll regain my size and hardness.

    My line of thought is finding ways to increase blood flow.
    Does increased testosterone aid in fibrous repair?
    Iím looking at herbs to increase blood floor.
    Intense cardio exercise.
    Vitamin E and castor oil.

    Iím thinking if I do exercises now like stretching or jelq could it make it worse?

    What about light therapy? Infared etc?
    What about drugs like Cialis to increase blood? Does increasing blood actually even help the fibrosis?

    Iíve seen paw paw had a substance that is like an enzyme that breaks down scar tissue. Iím also unsure how
    to apply these herbs.

    Does sex or make it worse? What about using a pump?

    Can anyone who has this help with tips?

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    Iíve read about the P shot... is that any good for fibrous thickening. Seems itís used for tissue repairing


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      Increased test helps with erections in cases of "venous leak " so do kegels so I would think both would help.