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Bath tub girth exercise

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  • YodaSenpai
    Thank you!!!!!!!

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  • kozlio
    Post is here:

    Pic of the bathtub crusher on page 4 (at least on my phone it appears on p4)

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  • Dangler
    I suspect that post might infer sitting on the edge of a bathtub. Doing a BTC (between the cheeks)

    This snipped from:

    Tucking refers to the process of putting the penis and testicles between and behind the legs so they are no longer visible from the front. Tucking can help lessen body dysphoria, however it is not
    practiced by all individuals. Itís important to understand what is right for you and your body to feel
    comfortable and safe.

    Whenever you are tucking, it is important to do so gently.
    If you are feeling pain and discomfort, tucking may not be
    1. Finding the Inguinal Canal
    Some individuals who tuck prefer to tuck their
    testicles into their inguinal canal. The inguinal canal
    is the area in which the testicles will naturally retract
    when cold. In order to find the inguinal canal most
    people lie on their back and gently push their testicles
    into their abdomen. This may be uncomfortable but
    should not be painful. If this is painful, do not
    continue to push the testicles into the abdomen.
    Taking a cold shower beforehand can help the
    testicles begin to retract.
    Alternatively, some individuals do not tuck their testicles into their inguinal canal but rather tuck them between their legs with their penis.
    2. Tucking the penis
    Gently pull the penis and scrotum between your legs
    and towards the rectum. This should be done gently
    or could result in side effects such as blistering.
    3. Securing the penis
    There are two different methods commonly used for
    securing the penis and scrotum. They include using a
    gaffe or using sports tape. Some individuals will use
    both methods.
    also: How do you do the BTC stretch and the Foot long stretch???

    Does BTC really work?

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  • YodaSenpai
    started a topic Bath tub girth exercise

    Bath tub girth exercise

    I remember reading a post awhile back about sitting on your penis pulled between your balls and on the side of the bath tub. The guy who posted this said that he had gotten astonishing girth gains and I am unable to find this topic anywhere on the forums. Does anyone remember this post or ever heard of an exercise like this for girth? I've gotten over an inch in length and nothing for girth and was wondering if anyone could recall this post.