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So, this is interesting. I think I have been mis-labeling my exercises.

When I was doing what I thought were ULIs, I was doing them at lower erection level, like ~60-80% as I got ready to edge after stretching and jelqing.

Nowadays I go straight from jelqing to edging. When I get to 85%+ erection, I start with what I have been calling squeezes. Basically I do a ULI by clasping my base with an ok grip, then pulse-squeeze the shaft with my other hand, about 1 second per squeeze. I do 25 reps at a time, so the ULI clamp is in place for ~30 seconds. Then I edge a bit more and repeat with the other hand. I have been doing between 150-300 squeezes like this while edging for the last few weeks, and have definitely gained 1/8" girth.

I'm not sure what to call this, given Big Al's clarifications above. Is there currently a name for this, or is this sort of a combination of ULI and Erect Squeeze? I'm not strictly doing ULI, but I'm way more erect than ~70% ... like full-on 95-100% for most of these. It's an intense exercise for sure, and takes a great degree of sensitivity not to over-do the squeeze.

What you describe appears to be a hybrid exercise.