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Rís Dry Jelq Routine

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  • Rís Dry Jelq Routine

    Could someone please lead me to a post that describes in detail the dry jelq routine of this Infamous R. I found some post, but none of them actually described in detail the actual dry jelq routine he had. Also, if you are a dry jelqer, please give me some tips. Iím not sure if I am doing it right. Iím not feeling exhausted as some claim they get. As always! Thanks for the help guys. This website is amazing!

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    Circumcised or not?
    I always dry jelq, but with foreskin it makes it easier, if not simply more practical.
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      LOL anyone have info on this? I heard the dude gain like crazy with R Jelqs. Trying to find his exact routine. Also is a R jelq the same as dry jelq?


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        Hey Taco. I'll give you a link to a conversation about R's routine, Big Al links to it on post #17. But I'd suggest reading through the whole thread, it'll temper you expectations hopefully:

        From the post linked R's Routine seems pretty basic: A warm up, R jelqs, kegels, edging and then a warm down.

        Just want to make sure that you understand that everyone is different and will react differently to the same exercises, and also that what R may have gained may partially be EQ gains. As in his Erection Quality sucked before but when he started to do PE he started getting better and harder erections and that helped him with his initial gains. Or that it's the internet and people can claim whatever they want to claim with no repercussions. But I'd rather not think so pessimistically lol. If you google you might find more info, but just from my quick search this is what I've found, everything else seems to be other people spreading the same information.

        Try and switch your mindset to PE being a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. Like working out, once you achieve your muscle goals or strength goals, you'll most likely want to still work out to maintain that lifestyle and stay strong, healthy and live long! Keep that same mindset in PE, it's to keep your Ding Dong healthy for the long term, not just make it bigger. As you'll realize your penis doesn't do what it wants you to do when you get older! And PE will keep you IN CONTROL!

        If your expectations are too high, you might end up quitting because you're not gaining like R did.

        Also, the R Jelq is not the same as a Dry Jelq. R Jelq is a jelq that is done with lighter pressure and done fast, I assume it can be done Wet or Dry. Dry Jelqs is just an overarching term that refers to doing any type of Jelq or variation of a Jelq exercise without lube. Hence the "Dry".

        As for Dry Jelqs I do them and LOVE THEM! But I am uncircumcised so I can only help you out based on my experience having foreskin. If you let us know if you are cut or uncut I can give you advice on doing them as an uncut person myself.

        Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!
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