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From basic to advanced stretches

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  • From basic to advanced stretches

    So if one is doing basic stretches building up to 30min per session, starting from say 5min and on the course of say 3 months ending up at around 30min.

    Now switching from say basic downward stretch of 30min to a advanced stretch like the A-stretch which obviously will fatigue you way faster. Should you go back to say 5min a day and add a few minutes weekly and is 30min too much for an advanced stretch?

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    I moved on to bundled side to side stretches. I go by number not time. I started at 50 In each direction and over several weeks built up to 100. I also jelqed 50 times before and after each session.
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      I would stick with the 30 minutes and slowly build up the intensity of the A stretch over time.
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        With ANY New exercises, you'll need to err on the side of caution as regards intensity and volume. This means your initial attempts at the exercise should be light- with an eye towards mastering form and feel.

        Once you've established mastery, you can adjust the volume and intensity towards an appropriate starting baseline.
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