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Best clamp?? Any new ones??

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  • Best clamp?? Any new ones??

    Is the plastic cable clamp from back in the day still the best one to use? I have a couple of them, and they work, but not great. They pinch the skin and I would like to be able to tighten them one or two more notches, etc. I tried using a metal adjustable hose clamp, and I think that could work, but I need to spend more time on figuring out padding, and I would have to use a drill to put it on and take it off. Obviously a lot of work and some risk. I am wondering if there is a better clamp we could use now... I have seen penis clamps advertised on amazon for incontinence. I dont know if they would work, though. Any ideas, you guys?

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    Did you wrap with a piece of cloth or no cloth?
    Going an inch and 1/2 deeper than before


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      "Cable" clamps are typically recommended- as seen here: Penis Clamping 101
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