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Scared of non existent injuries

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  • Scared of non existent injuries

    i have been doing pe for close to a year now. lately my anxiety and depression is out of control (not because of pe but because of life) and everytime i exercise I'm too scared that i will injure myself. I'm doing the minimum stuff just 2 sets of 50 jelq and 30 v jelqs. generally i feel really good after a session but lately i can't focus. I'm always checking myself throughout the whole day if somewhere is hurting. i know it's stupid but how can I get over this? it's really pissing me off and if i can get some tips to forget about this i will be really grateful guys. thanks

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    Yeah sigh anxiety and stress in the modern world . It's a funny thing I have noticed as that guys tend to find their own way forward . So there is a wide range of methods some do Yoga some nature walks some gym or martial arts .

    You have to find what suits you .


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