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I too like Waylander have told my girlfriend about my work with the gym. She knows when I became an Editor as well as a Mod . I told you guys I was very open about it.. Now if I can just cross the abyss to telling my dad about it
I've told my wife and she's very supportive and interested (one year left in med. school). Have also told my brother and he was a little bit interested, but when I told him about the commitment and time I put in he seemed overwhelmed.

And you know... I DID tell my father about it! Sex came up during a family dinner at a restaurant and he said something about how interest and hardness goes down with age. I said it doesn't have to be that way at all and started to reveal some information, actually lying that I read a book about general health that had some chapters about age and hardness, et c. (just to seem more credible)... To make a long story short; when I got into more specifics and he saw that I actually knew something about it (learned from these forums) and wanted to talk openly about it he shut up like a clam and seemed very bothered by the subject. Haven't brought it up since. Really would like to be able and talk more openly about it with him, since I've learned a lot from the older guys on here and I think it could change his (and my mother's) life for the better. Will bring it up one of these summer nights when the wine flows and mood is relaxed.