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My first inch took 7 months. Since then I have put on about 1/8". At 11 months now. That is the kind of question that truly pisses me off. Why is it that you're so desperate to gain so quickly?
Same here. I've gained nothing in my first two months. Although the stats in my sig show a slight increase in BPFSL and FG, I'm dubious about small flaccid gains because the unerect state can fluctuate so much. I've seen none of the amazing newbie gains that others have made. I'm not bitter about it. It's great to see others succeed and it inspires me to see what can be achieved. I realise that I'm probably not going to be an easy gainer and I'm going to have to work very hard at it. That's fine with me, I'm prepared to put in the hours to reach my target.

What really irritates me is to see people coming here looking for shortcuts. Don't they think if it was that easy that PE would be a huge mainstream phenomenon? The reason it's so underground is because it takes a huge amount of time and effort to see any results. Hell, all you have to do is read the stickied thread at the top of the beginner's forum to know that this is a long-term commitment.

Yes, there are charlatans in this world who con people by selling quick and easy solutions that don't work but the only reason that those people are in business is because there are people who lack the patience and dedication to work at something. I work out regularly and have studied ju jitsu for nearly ten years. I encounter exactly the same thing there and I find it insulting. You see people turn up to the gym expecting to get a ripped body and a six pack or coming to the dojo wanting to become a black belt, all within a few months. It's a slap in the face to people who work hard to attain their goals.