Well I am still here but have reverted back to been a lurker for the last year or so. Seeing a thread I started and Long Dong's question has tempted me out of hiding briefly.
Just to say that I have continued my PE routines and as I lurked for 3 months or so before joining I am just over 2 years in now. In terms of this thread I don't use cold water as a standard part of my routine but I do from time to time. I see the benefit mainly if you do a really heavy session or more extreme girth work as I think it can aid recovery so your next session is not wasted. I generally just use a pint glass of cold water with a little ice for about 5 minutes with a break halfway to ensure its not about to drop off. In terms of sports injury, as I understand it, it is not the cold that promotes healing but that it closes blood vessels so restricts flow. When you then revert to normal temperature or reheat the body rushes blood to the affected area as it might consider it in danger so to speak. This leads to more nutrients etc and improved recovery. I am no expert on this but I think although restricting bloodflow it can improve circulation which is why a cold shower can be invigorating. I think in terms of PE it is not a massive help to growth other than it can be good for Penis health if you don't over do it. A healthy penis is obviously good for EQ and I think that helping recovery and boosting bloodflow EQ are possible benefits of experimenting with ice as part a PE routine from time to time.