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#1 On the ruler, your hands aren't pressed against each other, so the measurement seems longer.
#2 When you do the same thing on your penis, I can tell you're trying your hardest to squeeze your two hands together, which shrinks the distance between both ends.
#3 Why don't you just use the ruler on your dick?

You really shouldn't worry about it, as long as you measure consistently every time, you'll be fine. It's only when you care about "average" and comparing your penis to everyone elses penis that you should measure from the top.

Measuring with two hands like that is a good motivational booster, however.
dude i'm 8" and with 2 hands stacked (like in one of your first posts) i'm around 9.5-10" but i'm only 8 hands can lie sometimes
oh and my hands are a bit smaller then yours