I have a question concerning penis enlargement. I am currently restoring my foreskin after having been on a PE program in 2009. In FR,foreskin restoration, one is putting stress on the shaft skin to induce mitosis thus creating real new skin cells which in turn lengthens the skin tube on the penis permanently. In time a circumcised penis will be enveloped by a foreskin that looks very much like one on an uncircumcised penis.

In relation to penis enlargement I assume the goal is also to induce mitosis in the penis which causes the penis to become larger. Also stretching the main ligaments in the penis is not really causing mitosis in that structure only temporarily increasing it's length, is that true or am I wrong. I ask this because as I look back to when I was PEing I now realize I did not really understand the principles behind the action only that it did increase my size and that was good enough for me.

Has anyone stopped for an extended period and notice any loss of length or girth?

Thank you for your time.

Keep the faith.