Although I am only in my 5 th week, 3rd week of JP's 90, I can already see progress! In the past turtleling was a major problem. In just a few short weeks, a very troublesome tutleling has improved by at least 50%.

Addtionally, I felt that my length and girth have very slightly improved. Yesterday, don't know what came over me but I just could not resist the tape measure. With a starting length of 5 1/4" five weeks ago, yesterday following JP's program 5 1/2". I was elated. I know you all suggest waiting to measure, but like I said, I just could not resist the temptation. Being over 6 feet tall and with a larger build, I have always been very subconscientious of my size. So, experiencing a 1/4" gain was truly a great experience for me. My initial goal is 7", with higher aspirations following this achievement. I am pumped!

I am doing JP's 90 program every other day. Yesterday's session was extremely intense. At the end of the session I had an abundance of energy, so I edged. Although I felt as though I had really accomplished sometime, I was pretty much physically worn out and never did make it to the gym.

Don't know if it too early, but I have been traction wrapping on a few of the off days. However, I find that I get very flacid or soft after an hour or so. So..........the other day, I used a cable clamp near the base. Perhaps, I just need to wrap a little tighter. Needless to say, this was extremely successful. During the late afternoon, when I hit the gym, I took it off. One other thought is, it might be too early in the journey.

I am very much interested in eventually purchasing an extender. Any thoughts or suggestions on one would be great. I notice that there are several different varieties. I would very much appreciate your thoughts or suggestions on an extender.

The only other issue I have is finding privacy. I refuse to miss a session and have woken myself up in the middle of the night to stay on my strict schedule. Today is an off day for me, as I felt yesterday's session, although extremely successful, was highly intensive to the point in which I need a day off.