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can someone tell me what device is the best way of increase the size of the erection and the gains?

In what options that it would be the best way for me to increase them? should I use extender, penis pump or exercise or they all works on the same way?

In which options on above that would make the erection to rock hard when I use them? plz tell me if they are all doesn't make any difference.

If the device doesn't help then how I can make the erection to rock hard and how I can make the better blood flow to the penis?

As I want to build the size on my dick to increase the erection up to 8inch, the gains up to 3inch and to increase the blood flow to the penis, so I could then enjoying having long hours to have sex with my partner without being stopping. I also wanted to know how I could get better premature ejaculation so I could enjoy to have long hours to rides with my partner without being stopping?

As using the pills, are they safe? I am NOT really sure after I got told from the oldDoc that the pills to increase the sperm volumne would be the risks of having testicular cancer.

I need someone to confirm it if that is true or false.
Start with a manual routine. A device is just an extension of what your hand can do; it allows you to apply more force than you could with your hand. That's not necessary at all when first starting out.

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