I've been doing PE for about 2 months now and I told my wife right away. We have a very good relationship, so it was pretty easy. I can't imagine having to try to sneak around and do this, because it takes a lot of time to do it well. It would feel wrong to hide it, too. I don't want her to be dishonest with me, so why should I do something like that? I'm speaking for myself here, so no judgment intended.

I'm doing this for me, though, so it isn't to impress her. I'm mostly doing it for improved EQ, because I'm 50 and the old EQ was starting to fade. But, of course, who doesn't want a bigger unit? I've seen some pretty good results so far and I've received a few comments in the heat of the moment like, "It's so hard!" and the like, so that's been pretty encouraging. Good motivation. She isn't concerned about it getting bigger and she's happy that I'm doing something for myself that makes me feel better about myself. I think most loving partners are going to feel the same. Enough said.