Alrighty, I'm wondering how much work we'd be willing to put into PE, IF, we somehow had a guarantee of results. I know, but please stay with me here. The reason I don't hang for 2 hrs. a day, for example, is because I'm afraid of getting "burned".
In other words, I could ,conceivably, put 14 hrs. a week into hanging, and not get the results I'm after, or maybe, none at all. But, if there were some guarantee, I mean like God himself saying, " You WILL grow 2" in length, and 1" in girth, IF you hang (or whatever technique,routine you use) for 4 hrs. a day, 7 days a week, for 1 full year.

I wonder how many of us 'want' this so much, that we'd put that much time and effort in, even with an 'iron clad' guarantee. I 'think' I would, but...I'm not really sure.