Hello everyone,

First of all forgive me if I break any rules, this is my first post because I feel I cannot read enough articles to solve this problem. I have been PEing steady since mid June (about 5 months) with little if any breaks. I was introduced to PE a few years ago but only tried it off and on for a while and gained little if anything (some length). I also over did it almost every time I would workout because I remember getting red spots (burst capillaries) from workouts I was ignorant and desperate. However, since starting up again in June I have gained some good length (about .5 inch erect and .25 inch flaccid) but little if any girth (still stuck at 4.5 EG and 3.5 FG), which is why girth is my main goal.
My routine started with JP's 90 day beginner routine, but being after about two months of seeing no girth gain I quickly veered from that and went onto more advanced techniques such as squeezes, higher erection jelqs, and even a little clamping by around August. I also threw in some hanging after reading about the TCG theory on thunder's because my BPSFL is about the same as my BPEL and I was and still am getting pretty solid erections (around 9). I know none of that was not smart but I felt like I was a hard gainer who needed some extra force, I also felt that my short stints in the past with PE meant I was not a newbie and could handle and even needed more force to gain girth. I tried to monitor PI's and never felt like they never went completely negative, but still no girth. I recently bought a Kaplan vacuum pump thinking it would undoubtedly give me some girth gains and so far I've had some flaccid girth gains, but no erect girth whatsoever, I also may have lost my nightly erections and am concerned. My routine lately has been pumping about 3 times a week 10-15 minutes 3-5 hg and some jelqs and bends with it.
I recently read an article on thunder's about tissue toughening; once you over do it you cannot gain more without a decon break or increasing force/time. I don't know what to do now, perhaps take a deconditioning break (2 weeks, 1 month???) and start over with the newbie routine again taking it slower??? Or do you think I'm not past that point of no return and could simply gain by reducing force/time and keeping perfect PI's. Please give me your wisdom and input, I am desperate for girth gains because I want to at least get to the average EG of 5in and FG of 3.75. I know this was lengthy so thank you for reading!