hiyo guys i just wanted to share a little something i figured out that could be usefull to some of you.
starting wet jelqs i was only doing 10 minutes so my lub(K.Y jelly)was easily lasting for the whole thing but as i started going up to 20-30 minutes i was having issues with making the lub pay for itself so to speak and it didnt matter how mutch i was reactivating it with water it just wouldnt last.

anyway here is what i do
1.I lay a pensil thin strip of lub on along my index (its all i need now)
2.I apply about 60% of it around the base of my penis and the rest i spread on my 2 thumbs index and the shaft
3.Then when ever it gets sort of dry i dip my little finger in water and apply just a bit around the base of the penis
I now jelq 40 minutes and i feal like the lub could last for atleast 20 more minutes
thats it! hope it helps some of you... later.