Well not really where, more or less where in the routine, I've had a drink and I'm just typing rather than going back and correcting ridiculous thread titles.

I was thinking and I'd love some general consensus on this, and I already suspect it'll be along the lines of "it doesn't really matter all that much" but I'll ask anyway.

Should I use my extender after jelqing or before? I've been using the extender for a few hours before jelqing then going to sleep, its more a thought experiement rather than any grave concern, but just logically thinking I've come up with 2 different scenarios, neither of which are based in any scientific fact, its just me trying to make sense of things.

The penis cells are probably more likely to divide and multiply under traction based pressure after the penis has been exercised, ligaments stretched and nominal bloodflow established; right?

I'm just wanting to make sure I'm not cheating myself out of potential gains that can be rectified by a simple adjustment in routine.