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Everybody's penis works differently on gains. Some it takes longer than other but most of it depends on the routine. What is mean is warm up/down time plays a key role, how much tension you use while jelging/variant jelging (v, uli, etc...), the stretching techniques (ligaments on the base or the tunica) that you use and focus on.
I have heard gains for pumps but they are more or less temporary because they force more blood into the cc/cs but also it overdone they can rupture penile capillaries (the red spots) as with using too tight of a grip while jelging.

You need to find a good routine which your penis responds too and your brain says "Hey, this tearing ain't going to stop so let me repair the tissue and add some more for the next time"-penis gains.
ironically, i figured pumping wouldnt offer any permanent gains! i figured it would cause ONLY temporary "bloating" that would just last a few hrs but I was looking for something different to do with my dick. lol. i was surprised to find that i gradually became slightly thicker with my tunica just beneath my glans looking slightly different in shape. i guess you could say it now has a less streamlined look if that makes any damn sense