Hey fellas,

I've been on the Jes extender since July, and have made a nice gain of roughly .5 in. in length, and .5 in. in girth, from then until now. I feel my dick is conditioned enough for some beginning and advanced stretching. I'm doing JP's 90-Day stretches, plus some tunica tugs. Once warmed up, and stretched, it's much more easier to strap on the extender, and my glans now extends a little further past the strap cradle than it did before. Today, I warmed up for 15 minutes, I stretched for approximately 45 minutes, then extended for an hour, with a 20 minute break, and another hour. I feel pretty good about what I'm doing, with no soreness or erection problems. My goal is not only length, but to offer another tweak to guys using extenders. I'm open to opinions on this matter, because I really want to maximize my PE, and have a nice, big dick.