Just finished up my first actual rest period with the intent of giving time to an injury (something I probably should have done a few times by now in my PE career), and found that I learned a few things.

At least for me, it was very easy to become wrapped up in all this and forgot a frame of reference that could have kept me a lot smarter and maybe progressed my gains a bit more. In the beginning, I became so sure that I was being careful, that when I began to overwork and tire out my dick, I somehow convinced myself that it was because I was not doing enough. This made me start to force erections and have long uncomfortable jelqing sessions, paired with days of turtling. It also ramped up my porn usage, because I needed more and more to maintain any form of erection. Another thing that contributed to this mindset was that I read thing about "if you don't use it, you lose it."

The one day after scouring the forums again and again, the thread popped up on my radar about firm flaccids, and I read this link:


I recommend this to anyone who feels that their libido is suffering, without any explanation that they may see, especially if they are someone who watches porn. This is what reassured me that some time off could actually help, and as foolish as my mindset was, I really did need it in order to notice this.

As I rested, sure enough, my flaccid became fuller, erections harder again, and easier. It was like I was back at the beginning discovering PE again.

Well, you could say today marks the day of me starting back up after my first significant rest period since beginning, and I'm going to be changing a few things. PE and sex/jerking off are going to be the only times I pay any attention to my penis. I'm not goign to be constantly checking up on him like I got into the habit of doing before. When you do that, it becomes impossible to witness any changes, and just stresses you out. I developed a very obsessive and unhealthy mindset and now it's time to change that.

Also, no more porn for me. I will look at the occasional sexy picture, but no nudity and no overload (switching between huge amounts of these pictures, overloading the sexual drive in an unnatural way). I hope this will all make time with my girlfriend even more intimate, I want her to be my overwhelmingly main source of sexual interest .

Oh, and I felt this thread was a great reminder, if any signs appear of backtracking in performance by my dick, it's time for more rest.

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Well, yeah I just wanted to share this with anyone who may be feeling caught up in PE, or frustrated. Also, to fellow beginners, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF REST, OR BECOME AFRAID OF IT. I would always read it, but never give it the seriousness it deserved.

I hope this was interesting or helps anyone, either way, it was fun to write! Have a nice day and relaxed PE sessions