Been doing some research here lately due to my strange PI's and trying to get a better understanding of what to do next.

Completed JP's 90 day - Went from 6.5 = EL 5.0 = EG low EQ to 6.75EL, 5.5EG, EQ higher but during this time i also was taking an erection enhancer = Enzyte which i had taken on and off for about a year due to low EQ. during the 90day routine i took them pretty regularly but did stop for about a week and noticed low EQ again even though i was still doing the PE exercises.

Here comes the strange part - I decide after the 90 Day Routine that i want to do some hanging for the next couple months, so i buy a Bib and start at 3lbs....After my first couple sessions, my EQ was off the charts - i also quit taking the enzyte before starting the hanging. Now i've been hanging for about a month and havent touched the enzyte and my EQ is still pretty good.

Looking at the TGC theory, being that my stretched flacid is 7.3 and my erect is around 6.75 it seems that i need to work on smooth muscle.....but my PI's are telling a different story.

I would appreciate any recommendations from the Pro's - this really isnt making any sense. Now that i'm writing this i just realized what i've been doing.....i've been measuring my stretched flacid from bone pressed and measuring my erect non bone pressed...

ok well since i typed this out, might as well let someone read it - maybe will help someone not make the same mistake!

Cool well i think i'm on the right track then

If you are reading this and dont know what the TGC theory is - do a search - it makes alot of sense