Just got done my workout, one of my best ones yet. I did my own variation of V-Jelqs. I would take my pointer finger and middle finger and make them look like scissors then i would place my scissored grip at the base of my penis and "cut" down on my penis then slide my grip up my shaft in a jelqing motion. So my pointer finger was on top of my shaft and my middle finger was below, as if my penis was in a pair of scissors, but of course it was just my fingers. Then i would squeeze my fingers together to trap the blood and slide it up the shaft. My glads would expand and get hard as i slid my hand up, so i knew it was working. When i was warming down and my dick was flaccid I noticed a huge vein that i've never seen before, proof of a great session.

Has anybody else jelqed/v-jelqed like this? To me it's a mix of both. Anyway, it seemed to work pretty well