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I don't live with my girlfriend but I can only imagine how hard it would be to keep PE from her if I did. Having trust in the relationship is crucial and trusting her to know about PE would show her how open you are, as well as adding a bit of mystery to your shlong ("how big is it gonna get?!")

I can imagine it must also be nice to hear encouragement from someone experiencing the growth firsthand!
That part about trust was pretty heavy. My wife trusts me completely, and I her, but I have not spoken to her about PE. To each his own, but maybe because PE is not a big deal to me changes my approach. I have simply not chosen to speak about this subject with anyone other than people on this forum. I try to help out here as best I am capable of doing, but in my private life this subject is kept private. Quite frankly, though there is nothing wrong with it at all, I just can't picture myself in a conversation with another guy talking about PE.

As to when I do my routines, I work different shifts so I sometimes do them after my midnight shift which would be around 6:30 am. If she goes to a church activity, the store, or her mom's I will do it. I only do girth work and that is maybe three days a week for 30 minutes each, so I don't need gobs of time for it. My testicle jelqing only takes perhaps 10 minutes or so, and I can do that pretty much whenever I want, though I only do it three days a week also.