Not sure if you guys know any of this + some pumping questions.


1. Wrapping:

  1. Wrapping is tricky. Unless you have Formula 1 precision do not use bandages. Bandages looks straight from the outside but there are slight deviations which cause a crooked penis.
  2. I've found the best thing to use is a homemade sleeve made from that rubbery\leathery material they use in cars. It is sold by most material shops and if you rub it, and your penis, with a little water it gets super grippy so it holds it firmly and equally in place. (similar to the spitting in the hand before lifting something heavy cliche)
  3. Wrapping can be used as a stretcher. It just takes careful measurement, a bit of creativity and a stiffer-soft material. I did this and felt the strain some stretchers speak of, after only 4 hours. Head swelling is definitely recommended as it did seem to show immediate differences and less retraction.

2. Pumpkin Seeds:
Improves semen volume. However, it reduced the quality of my semen, it made it thinner. Almost like it diluted it. I was on an A to Zinc multivitamin. Not too sure if there was anything I was eating to reduce thickness. Or maybe I can improve thickness of semen by eating more fish. Also when I tested, I abstained from ejaculation for 1-2 weeks.

3. Flu Booster Shot helps - Cayenne Pepper (1 teaspoon), Lemon Juice (1 Lemon) and Ginger (1 teaspoon) mixed like a stiff drink.

4. Warm Peppermint water helps with wind issue ><'. (I use the extract)

5. Stress kills everything. Erection to Erection Quality. PE gains, and even cause negative progress. I PE'd when stressed as not to break my routine and well, i got shorter and thinner. These measurements were taken after the stress period when fully stimulated. It could be due to poor blood circulation despite the use of the Flu Booster Shot.

6. "Better sex through yoga" is the Shit! It combines yoga and kegel exercises. I'm a kegel and yoga freak so I'm obligated to love it. Calms the body and empowers the penis at the same time.

Questions on pumping:

1. I noticed many pumpers, saying they're looking to get a stretcher. Is this because pumping on its own isn't all that good for length or is it just PE frenzy?

2. How good is pumping for erection quality? Despite much kegels, my everything has improved except erection quality. So I need help!

- thanks for reading!