I've tried PE off and on over the last year but have come back with a renewed energy in the new year and I'm ready to make a change so I've started again.

I've began with a the basic routine from the book "Exercising the Penis",

10 min. warm up
5 min stretch
10 min jelq

I'm in the 3rd week and have started rather carefully with essentially a day on then a day off to not over work my penis. Yesterday I noticed what I believe can be described as the "doughnut effect" that I've heard on this site and in the book. On top of my penis, right below the head, there is an area of raised skin, maybe a trapping of fluid that first looked like a larger vein. It isn't painful, even when I press on it I don't really feel much.

Does this sound like a sign of overworking my penis or simply a neutral side effect? Has anyone else experienced this and have any info they can share?

Thanks in advance for any input.