Has anyone tried holding these and also uli's for 30 seconds, then changed to 60 second holds, or vice versa? I am doing 60 second holds at perhaps 70% erection level, but was wondering if doubling the number of holds but holding for half the time would make results any different? Just switched from a routine of UJ's, UV's and three different squeezes to mostly squeezes and some UJ's and UV's. The common refrain of everyone is different and what works for one might not work for another are still true, but my question is directed to anyone who actually found one holding time was better than the other. Is there a theory floating around about squeeze holding times? My progress has really slowed down (and been slowed for many months), and though I only do girth work two, sometimes three times a week for a little over 30 minutes each, my goal is slower progress but not committing to a schedule I find difficult to follow. Maybe doubling the number of routines a week would increase gains, but I would rather gain just a little each month and take more months to get to my goal of 6.5" EMG. If this were a race, I'd definitely be the turtle!!