Ok listen up guys.
INTRODUCTION:The last week I found a new method of achieving 100% errection which I think may be a solution to the problem I used to have all that years.I have a good lenght now and a very long dick but whatever I do I have a big problem getting a 100% errection quality.In order to go to 100% errection quality I have to be extremely horny and relaxed in order to flex my bc muscle in reverse so more blood come to my head and make my dick biger and heavier.What I think the problem is that I may have not so good developed muscles inside either PC or BC muscles.So what ever I do I must push very bad my BC muscle in order to get a 100%EQ.What I see is definetely not a huge cock but the stats are huge(21cm).The reason for what I dont see it huge is because it doesnt have a good blood pressure inside.But I accidentaly as masturbating found the solution.
New method:Grab your dick from behind firmly and your penis with your one hand with the index thumb closing like the ok grip in jeql.Now start moving forword and backword like masturbating but keep your testicles with your penis with your hand and continue moving back and forword.When you got back try to press so the blood cant get away from penis.In less 45 sec you could have your dick 100% erected and the head of penis will be like a mushroom extremely big.
My comments:When I first saw my dick that way I thougth I could go easily into porn industry with this new trick.My dick looked like a hammer so fucking wide.The only thing that I dont like is that with this way you dont have to flex any of your muscles either PC or BC.So If I do this trick too much when I try to make a errection with the old time method my penis is less long and cant relax easy those muscles in order to bring blood to head to make it big as before.So try that method let me know what you think but dont overdo it because as I said you may loose lenght.
I think that this is the ultimate girth excersise and the next days I am going to insert a walkthrough video to saw you what I mean.
EG:I dont know if this method is already an excercise as I accidentaly discovered by my self.You can look the last photos I have uploded on rate my dick thread on success stories to see how your dick is going to look with that method.