I never counted my reps after a couple of weeks--too monotonous and counter-productive. I just focused on my COCK, visualizing it longer and thicker--the result? No negative p.i's--only positive ones. So I just kept adding about five minutes to my daily jelqing routine at the end of each week--all the while spending fifteen to twenty minutes warming up before each jelqing session.

I reached 90 minutes a day, 7 days a week, of pure jelqing, by the end of my third month--with no noticeable gains other than the half inch I gained during my first two weeks.

Then I added a half hour of stretches--every one imaginable--to my 90 minutes of jelqing for a total of two hours a day, seven days a week. That is when I started to make dramatic gains in length and girth. I think my cock had finally figured out that I meant business.

My three months of gradual build-up paid off handsomely. My penis was fully conditioned, following Big Al's suggestion.

Was this "less is more?" To start with, for sure. Looking back, this was accidental on my part, but it was surrendipitously accidental, I do believe.