Hey guys -

Just finished up my first three months! I don't have any new measurements (don't have a ruler at school...) but just by eyeballing it with my hand I'd say BPEL increased somewhere between 1/4"-1/2". Or my hands shrunk. Either way, I think it's time to switch things up a little bit. I've been reading up a bunch on the theory behind PE and it seems to me that my tunica is the limiting factor to my growth. Erections stretch my skin so much it's a little uncomfortable sometimes, and my BPFSL is right at my BPEL (it's a little hard for me to stretch and measure at the same time though). On top of that, I feel like gains kicked in for me when I started doing low-moderate intensity stretches for roughly half an hour. Taking all this into account, I should focus more on the tunica, right?

And if that is the case, these are the exercises that I've been reading about that seem to focus on that:
-Bundled Stretches
-Tunica Tugs
-A stretches
-Flaccid Bends, O-Bends
-Erect Ulis

Is there anything that I'm missing / Which exercises work the best / What's wrong with my assumptions / How was your day today?

Sorry for all the questions but the impression that I get is that it's more difficult to make gains by working on the tunica so I'd like to be as informed as possible.

Thanks again!