Hi folks,

I've posted on these boards a few months ago but due to lack of time and depression it was not possible to commit thoroughly. Basically, I had an un-diagnosed case of chlamydia that went horrendously undetected during a period of 2 years. Coupled with the slowly progressing illness, I had a disorder dating from my early teens; over masturbation (which led to "sexual exhaustion"). Due to the combined pressure of the two, during this period my EQ went quite down, drawing the overall size of the erect unit along. The moderate decrease in size gave way to panic, so I resorted to PE. Frustrated, I began JP's beginner routine with an idiotic rush in my approach. I applied huge amounts of pressure to the unit during stretches in small amounts of time, rendering it injured. For the worse, I didn't warm-up. That's being an angry noob for 'ya. The result was devastating. I developed the notorious "hard flaccid" state which is basically the resulting condition of the tearing of the tunica albuginea which creates scar tissue as natural response. This scar tissue makes the unit hard, un-elastic and extremely prone to turtling. Depression and/or anxiety only quadruple the condition more, for example whilst performing ANY physical activity the unit is severely turtled/retracted. All of this, laid through a long period of time laid a mark. I went from 9 inches BPEL to 6,5 BPEL, the girth I didn't measure but is too has decreased. Premature ejaculation, decreasing and smaller erection while in the standing position and such issues to go along with it.

Now, the reason I'm writing all of this is because I need info from experienced members of this respected board, if possible. Of course, I want to get right into PE to try and regain my lost size, but the big issue is that my PE injury quipped with the sexual exhausting hasn't subsided. The chlamydia has gone away through antibiotic, but the hard flaccid renders me unable to commit to PE without killing off my dick fully. I have come across only one website that deals with the very unknown issue of "hard flaccid" and such PE injuries, and that is cure-erectile-dysfunction.org. It has numerous folks complaining about the same issue as me or similar, and a supposed Dr. Richards (who seems to be fairly informed about natural PE injures, which is rare with urologists, I've been to many and they know shit) has a list of supplements that are supposed to aid in the recovery process of these injuries. These supplements are for sale on the site under general names (the names of the actual products aren't mentioned) such as A-amino, Multi-A, Griffonia Simplificonia, GR8-GABA and such to me unknown products.

Has anyone heard of this website, and if so, is it reliable?
One of the main ingredients in the "A-amino" supplement is L-arginine, which I read here is crucial for inducing growth along with the actual PE. If I would decide not to order these supp's due to the unreliability of the site, what could you guys, please, recommend as a supplement to aid me during the healing process (which apparently will not begin naturally because the body requires certain things for it to start). Would L-arginine alone be enough? Or should I couple it with some other supp's? Btw, at the moment I am using 240mg of Gingko, 115 mg of Zinc and Basic Men's daily multi's but they haven't shown any results during the 3 weeks of consumption.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, I will highly appreciate any experienced advice/info, especially regarding the above mentioned website because it might be my only shot at recovery, and health in general. I've been lurking a bit and see that this site has reached a quite professional level and that you guys know your stuff, so you must be aware of the do's and don't's concerning PE supplements and injury.

Best Regards..